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Amanda Demanda Law Group is an accident law firm in Miami that is familiar with local roads, highways, and expressways. As such, you should come to us first if you were in a serious car accident on the I-95 expressway. We can help you navigate your legal options, which could include filing a claim after using your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance.

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How Dangerous is the I-95?

The I-95 follows the entire Florida Atlantic border, starting in Miami. For this reason, it is one of the most traveled highways in the entire country, as well as one of the most dangerous.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that the I-95 had some of the most car accidents in 2019, totaling nearly 300. The dangers of the I-95 stretch all the way from snowy roads in Maine to busy city roads in Miami, Florida.

Dangerous Sections of the I-95

Anywhere that negligent drivers are is anywhere the I-95 can be unsafe for others. However, in Miami, there are a few sections of the I-95 that tend to see more car accidents and/or near-misses than other stretches of the expressway.

Some of the more dangerous sections and intersections of the I-95 in or around Miami include:

  • NW 3rd Avenue
  • NW 8th Street
  • I-395 interchange
  • I-195 interchange
  • Route 1 merge
  • NW 62nd Street

Tips to Stay Safe on I-95

At Amanda Demanda Law Group in Miami, we are proud to be the first law firm that so many locals call after an accident. However, we would, of course, prefer to receive fewer calls if that meant that there are fewer accidents around our city, including on the I-95. For this reason, we would like to share some quick tips to help you stay safe whenever you’re driving the I-95 in Miami and beyond.

Three safety tips for I-95 driving include:

  • Choose your route: If you can plan your route in advance, try to avoid the I-95 expressway altogether. If you can’t, then at least see if you can stay away from major interchanges, including the problematic areas that we mentioned previously.
  • Buckle up: Never ignore automobile safety basics like buckling up and following the speed limit. Simple steps can help keep you much safer on the road, even when you’re in the middle of busy I-95 traffic.
  • Report problem drivers: If you see a reckless, negligent, or drunk driver on the I-95, then you can report them by dialing *347 to connect to Florida Highway Patrol. Please do not text or call anyone until you are stopped at a safe location, such as after exiting the highway and stopping in a parking lot.

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