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Sexual Assault Lawyers in Miami Lakes, FL

Sexual assaults are traumatic experiences that can leave victims mentally scared. Although sexual assaults are a criminal offense in Florida, victims can also pursue a personal injury claim against the perpetrator and seek compensation for their injuries, emotional trauma, and other damages.

With over ten years of experience in handling various types of sexual assault cases, the dedicated legal team at Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers prioritizes taking care of sexual assault victims and seeking justice for the harm they have suffered.

Our Miami Lakes sexual assault attorneys can offer you the necessary support, compassion, and guidance toward pursuing your claim and reaching a resolution. Through our lawyer’s unwavering commitment to protecting the rights of sexual assault survivors, our law firm has earned various accolades and honors throughout the years, empowering sexual assault survivors to seek justice, make their voices heard, and have their feelings validated. 

Contact our law firm in Miami Lakes for a free consultation. Let our team of compassionate and dedicated attorneys help you seek justice and fair compensation for the harm you have suffered.

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Consequences of Sexual Assault on Victims

The consequences of sexual assault on victims can be devastating, as they always include both physical injuries and emotional trauma. Victims can suffer a wide range of injuries, such as:

  • Physical trauma
  • Sexually transmitted infections or diseases 
  • Psychological harm such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders

Consequences extend beyond a victim’s persona and might affect their interpersonal relationships and overall quality of life. Yet, personal lawyers for injuries resulting from such assaults can help victims pursue compensation for all these damages. 

Seeking Compensation Through a Personal Injury Claim

Victims of sexual assault can pursue justice in both civil and criminal court. When you pursue a personal injury claim, which is a civil lawsuit, you can receive compensation for the following:

  • Medical expenses

Victims of sexual assault can be awarded compensation for their medical treatment, hospitalization, therapy, and ongoing counseling. This can be crucial, especially for victims who have contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

  • Lost wages

Sometimes, sexual assault victims are so severely hurt physically and emotionally that they are no longer able to work, which results in lost wages. In a personal injury claim, though, you can seek compensation for your lost wages and future earning potential.

  • Pain and suffering

The assault will inevitably lead to physical and emotional pain, suffering, and trauma. This can be further enhanced by the medical procedures the victim must undergo, which can also be compensated in personal injury claims. Furthermore, the assault could affect a victim’s personal, intimate relationships in the future, which can also lead to suffering. 

  • Punitive Damages

The court can award sexual assault victims punitive damages. This is a form of punishment for the at-fault party to deter similar conduct in the future.

Establishing Fault in a Sexual Assault 

In sexual assault cases, proving fault can be challenging. However, sexual assault lawyers in Miami Lakes will help victims gather evidence, witness testimonies, and expert medical and psychological assessments to strengthen their claims and establish fault.

If the victim also pursues a criminal claim against the at-fault party, then the results from that case or the police report and investigation can also act as evidence for your civil lawsuit. It’s important for victims to maintain a detailed record of the incident, document their injuries, and document the emotional and psychological impact it had on their lives.

This is not necessarily meant to cope with the event but rather to showcase in your personal injury claim how it affected you and pursue damages. Consult with a compassionate, trauma-informed lawyer from our law firm to better understand your legal options and rights.

How a Sexual Assault Lawyer Can Help

A sexual assault lawyer for civil cases can help victims pursue a personal injury claim against the at-fault party. The proper lawyer will know how to listen to your story, support you, and fight for your rights.

At Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers, we have helped bring justice to the lives of over a thousand victims of various types of personal injury, including sexual assault. Our compassionate, transparent, and client-focused approach has always allowed us to achieve the best results.

Our personal injury lawyers will approach your case with the utmost sensitivity, care, and respect. Their goal is not only to bring you justice and help you on your journey toward healing and restoration but also to make the community a safer place by holding the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

You can also play a vital role in this if you make your story heard. Contact our law office for a free consultation and learn more about your legal options and rights. Let us guide you in your claim toward justice and the healing you deserve.