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Miami Bus Accident Attorney

Free Case Evaluation After a Bus Accident

Bus accidents can result in life-changing injuries for motorists, pedestrians, and passengers alike. When faced with such a serious claim, you should only work with a legal team that will take it seriously. For the people of Miami, that team is here at Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers.

Our law firm is poised to take the toughest cases and find a way to win where other firms might back down. We use advanced legal knowledge, extensive legal experience, and reliable resources to make the most of each case, including complex bus accident claims and lawsuits.

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Different Types of Buses in Miami

Throughout Miami and Miami-Dade County, you can find a variety of different buses on the roads and highways. For example, in the city of Miami alone, there are buses operated by Metrorail, Metromover, Metrobus, and other agencies.

You don’t have to find a variety of law firms to work on your case depending on what type of bus hit you, though. Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers can handle bus accident claims involving all types of buses and bus companies.

We can work on bus accident cases that involved a:

  • City bus
  • Free city trolley
  • Private bus
  • School bus
  • Charter bus
  • And more

Is the Bus Company to Blame for a Bus Accident?

After a bus accident, it is easy to blame the bus driver for it – but is it correct to blame them? With an investigation, it might be possible to uncover that other parties are more or solely liable for the crash, such as the bus company. Indeed, it is more common to file against a bus company than an individual bus driver because liability can so often be traced back to a company’s negligence.

A bus company can be liable for a bus accident if it:

  • Hired a bus driver without the correct license.
  • Fails to adequately train new bus drivers.
  • Keeps unreasonable work schedules that cause bus driver exhaustion.
  • Does not maintain its fleet of buses, resulting in a mechanical failure risk.

Serious Injuries Caused by Bus Accidents

In the average bus, there are no seatbelts installed to protect passengers from harm during a crash. Instead, the bus depends on its large frame and weight to prevent passenger injury. However, these same protective elements make buses even more dangerous to people on the street and in other vehicles. As a result, bus accidents are often associated with catastrophic injuries.

Our law firm can help with bus accident claims that involve the following serious injuries and more:

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Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers is standing by to help you after a bus accident in Miami left you or a loved one seriously injured. Our bus accident attorneys are dedicated to making the most of every case, so you can demand the most compensation possible. We have the strength, experience, and knowledge needed to take a case to litigation or settlement, whichever is the most favorable for you.

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