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Miami T-Bone Accident Lawyer

T-Bone Accidents in Florida

T-bone collisions are among the most dangerous of all auto accident types. If you or a loved one were in such a crash, then you will want to work with an attorney who knows how to approach the situation carefully and professionally.

Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers and our Miami T-bone accident attorney are here to help you seek the compensation that you need to recover. We have dedicated our entire practice to personal injury claims with a focus on catastrophic injury cases, so there are no distractions while we work. Take your case to our firm, and we can take it to the next level.

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T-Bone Accidents Cause Catastrophic Injuries

When a car hits the side panel of another vehicle, it is called a T-bone collision because both vehicles at the point of impact look like a T. As mentioned, T-bone accidents are extremely dangerous, more so than most other types of auto accidents. The average vehicle has minimal protection on the sides, so an impact there can be catastrophic.

It is not unusual for a catastrophic injury claim to involve:

The compensation owed to you will depend on the severity of your injuries. For this reason and others, it is important for our Miami T-bone accident lawyers to get a full understanding of the injuries that you suffered in the collision. We can work with medical experts to get this crucial information.

Proving Liability for a T-Bone Accident

We can investigate the situation leading up to the T-bone accident to find its cause. There could be various forms of evidence available that showed what went wrong and why.

We can work with evidence that takes the form of:

  • Eyewitness statements
  • Traffic cams
  • Dashboard cameras
  • Police statements
  • Medical records
  • And more

With the evidence in hand, we can start to build your case and look for who is liable. Ideally, we will be able to show that the other driver is 100% liable. If your liability is kept at 0%, then we will be able to demand 100% of the compensation owed to you.

Does No-Fault Insurance Cover T-Bone Accidents?

In Florida, no-fault insurance does not require you to prove fault to recover compensation after an auto accident. This type of insurance can cover T-bone accidents, too.

Although, no-fault insurance or personal injury protection (PIP) insurance often is not enough to cover the damages in a T-bone collision case. If you were seriously injured, then you will need to explore the option to file an injury claim against the other driver’s insurance policy to recover any damages not provided through the PIP first-party insurance claim.

Let Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers Help – Call Now

Don’t risk losing the compensation owed to you by doing nothing after a T-bone collision. Instead, give yourself a fair chance of recovering by teaming up with Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers in Miami. With an attorney by your side who is familiar with Florida liability laws and legalities, you can confidently bring a claim against whatever party caused the wreck.

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