Bicycle Accidents

Do you have a bicycle accident case?

Most accidents involving bicyclists are caused by negligent drivers. They change lanes without seeing the bicyclist, they make improper turns at intersections, and they change lanes without first looking for a bicyclist.  Many vehicle drivers get annoyed at bicyclists and are unaware that bicycles are considered vehicles and that riders are subject to the same rights and privileges as are vehicle drivers.

Bicycles are supposed to share the road with cars, buses, trucks, and all the other motor vehicles.  However, sometimes other drivers are not as careful as they should be and end up causing bicycle accidents.  These types of accidents are increasingly common as more and more people choose cycling as a form of exercise and transportation in and around urban areas.  Unfortunately, motorists do not always see bicycles, particularly at intersections and in crosswalks.

Whether you’ve been bumped, T-boned, rear-ended, hooked, or even thrown from your bike by a driver, the legal team at the Amanda Demanda Law Group can help.  If you have been involved in a bicycle accident you need to find a tough, experienced personal injury lawyer who will fight for your rights. There are many hoops to jump through and deadlines to consider when dealing with a personal injury case, and your focus should be on getting better and not on the legal claims process.

Our legal team works on gathering all the essential information and evidence to help establish how the accident happened.  Also, since head trauma and spinal cord injuries are common in bike accidents, we consult neurologists who can testify to the long-term effects of a serious concussion or brain injury.  Additionally, we work with economists, care planners, and medical professionals to determine all the costs related with the injuries and damages suffered.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a bicycle accident you may be entitled to compensation.

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