There is no hard timeline on how long a case will take from the moment it is filed until a verdict or settlement could be reached. One main factor of determining how long a case will take is the injury a client has sustained. Understanding completely a client’s injury is what allows proper evaluation of a personal injury case. Therefore, a lot depends on the injured client’s recovery and/or prognosis. Once the injured client has reached maximum medical improvement, the attorney can collect all the medical records and proof of lost wages to present as damages.

Every case is different, and some cases take longer than others. However, with proper file management, an attorney can minimize unnecessary delays in moving the case towards a successful resolution. On average a case takes 12 to 18 months from beginning to end. Nevertheless, if your case does become a lawsuit with the court and is set to go to trial, it is possible that ​it will take over 18 months from beginning to end. This, however, should not discourage an injured person from pursuing his/her claim through the court system because it is our experience that when a lawsuit is filed the defendant and/or the insurance company will more effectively consider an injury case.