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Miami Slip and Fall Lawyers

Handling Complex Slip, Trip, and Fall Cases

Far too many people sustain slip and fall injuries and don’t do anything about it. The thing about these types of accidents is that they can happen to anyone at any time. Even more interesting, the injuries that occur aren’t always immediate.

Many people approach slips, trips, and falls with embarrassment and try to get past them without actually taking the time to document the accident or ask for the appropriate medical attention. But this can lead to serious issues in the future.

If you have recently been injured in a slip and fall accident, it’s in your best interest to seek legal representation from the experienced Miami slip and fall attorneys at Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers as soon as possible. We can review your claim and review your legal options with you during a free, no-obligation consultation. You could be entitled to bring a premises liability claim against a negligent property owner and seek compensation for your injuries and related damages, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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What Should You Do After a Slip and Fall Accident?

Slip, trip, and fall accidents can be caused when a property owner doesn’t fix hazardous conditions or fails to warn customers of the potential for injury.

For instance, say there is a spill on the tile floor of a store. It is the owner’s legal duty to either clean the spill or place a sign out to notify any visitors that they could potentially fall and hurt themselves if they come in contact with that wet spot. When they do not take the appropriate measures, visitors are more susceptible to injuries from slipping. This could lead to back injuries, head injuries, broken bones, and other serious or even catastrophic injuries.

What you do immediately after a slip and fall could impact your ability to recover compensation for your injuries. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall, it’s best to follow these steps:

  • Seek immediate medical attention as soon as possible. This is advised even if you do not believe you are seriously injured. Sometimes, it takes hours for symptoms to appear, so it’s best to get checked out right away.
  • Be sure to document the accident, even if that means that you need to speak to the establishment’s manager. Be sure to get a copy of the accident report for your personal records.
  • If anyone saw what happened, be sure to get their name and contact information before leaving the scene.
  • Take as many pictures as possible. Photograph the scene of the accident, the clothing you were wearing, visible injuries, and the condition that caused your fall.
  • Last, but certainly not least, contact an attorney right away to discuss your legal rights and options. An attorney can help you bring a claim against the property owner or another negligent party responsible for your damages.

At Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers, our Miami slip and fall lawyers have extensive experience helping victims of serious slip, trip, and fall accidents fight for justice and fair compensation. We offer free consultations and contingency fees, meaning you do not pay anything upfront or out of pocket when you hire our firm. Instead, we only collect attorney fees if/when we win your case.

How Can You Recover Compensation for Slip and Fall Injuries?

The key to recovering compensation for a slip and fall injury is proving liability. This is much harder than it may seem.

To prove liability for a slip and fall you must show that:

  • A hazardous condition existed on the property.
  • The property owner, tenant, or occupier of the property knew or should have known about the hazardous condition.
  • The property owner, tenant, or occupier of the property did not fix the hazardous situation or notify you of the potential danger.
  • The hazardous condition caused you to slip and fall.
  • You were injured as a result of your slip and fall.

If you can prove these elements, you can hold the property owner, tenant, or occupier of the property liable and recover compensation for your injuries. We strongly encourage you to work with an experienced slip and fall attorney, like those at Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers, who can help you navigate the legal process and protect your rights every step of the way.

What Types of Compensation Can You Recover for Slip and Fall Injuries?

After an injury due to a slip and fall, your personal injury lawyer will begin aggressively pursuing various types of damages.

Depending on the exact circumstances of your case, you may be entitled to compensation for your:

  • Present and future lost wages
  • Present and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy costs
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • Physical and mental pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and anguish
  • Lost earning ability due to permanent injury or disability

The exact value of your claim will depend on several factors, including the severity of your injuries, how your injuries were treated, and how your injuries impacted your daily life.

What Is the Deadline for Filing a Slip and Fall Lawsuit in Florida?

Just like other types of personal injury cases, slip and fall cases are subject to a statute of limitations, or filing deadline. In Florida, you have four years to file a slip and fall lawsuit in court. While this may seem like a long time, the truth is that the years can go by very quickly. The longer you wait to seek legal representation, the more likely it is that important evidence will be lost.

We encourage you to reach out to our team at Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers right away to learn how we can help you fight for fair compensation after a slip, trip, and fall accident. Our Miami slip and fall lawyers are ready to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

How Can A Slip and Fall Attorney Help?

It can be very difficult to get back on your feet after a serious slip and fall accident, especially if you have suffered severe injuries. At Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers, our Miami slip and fall attorneys are prepared to help with every aspect of your legal case so that you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery.

We carefully investigate claims to determine how the incident happened and, most importantly, who is liable for our clients’ damages. When it comes to pursuing these claims, we are aggressive in our approach to negotiation, litigation, and trying cases in court whenever necessary. Our team is here to represent you and your rights while also offering the personal attention, care, and support you need during this difficult time.

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