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Miami ATV Accident Attorney

Representing Seriously Injured ATV Riders

Were you riding an ATV when it crashed, resulting in your serious injury? Let Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers in Miami know about it. If another party was involved in the ATV accident and caused it, then we can see if holding them liable for your losses is possible through a claim or lawsuit. Whether your case can be settled or goes to court, our Miami ATV accident lawyers are ready to see it through to the end.

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Serious Injuries Suffered in ATV Accidents

ATV accidents often result in serious injuries to riders and anyone else involved like a pedestrian who was hit. At Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers, we focus on claims involving catastrophic, life-changing injuries. No matter how badly you or a loved one has been injured in an ATV accident, you can take some comfort in knowing that we have the experience, insight, and resources needed to advance your case.

We can work on ATV accident claims that involve these serious injuries and more:

Our law firm is also ready to help you with a wrongful death claim if you lost a loved one to an ATV accident in Miami or elsewhere in Florida.

Common Causes of ATV Accidents

Understanding the cause of the ATV accident is a crucial step in your case. Without convincing evidence and a strong argument, the defense could try to maneuver out of all liability by simply denying every statement. Using our in-depth experience, we can investigate the situation to find a way to prove liability through causation.

Common causes of ATC accidents include:

  • Defective ATV part
  • Unsafe road or path conditions
  • Inadequate rider training
  • Reckless ATV operation

Based on the cause that we uncover, we can move to prove liability. For example, if you were riding an ATV that crashed due to a part defect, then the ATV manufacturer could be liable for your losses, like medical costs, lost wages, pain, and suffering.

Can ATV Passengers Sue After a Wreck?

As a passenger on an ATV, you are putting your health and safety into the hands of the person operating the vehicle. If they get into an accident, you could have the right to seek compensation, too. The case can become complicated if you have to name the ATV operator as the defendant, such as if a friend was operating it.

We can represent anyone who has been seriously injured in an ATV accident, including operators, passengers, motorists, and pedestrians. We know how to carefully navigate delicate situations, so you can get the compensation that you are owed without damaging the relationship with the person who caused the accident. After all, you won’t file against them, you will file against their insurance company.

Learn More About ATV Accident Claims Today

Get our Miami ATV accident lawyer on your side today if you have been seriously injured in a wreck. We are ready to hear about your case during a no-cost consultation. Thanks to our contingency fees combined with these complimentary consultations, you can pursue compensation after an ATV accident with little to no financial risk—you don’t pay attorney fees unless we win!

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