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Miami I-75 Accident Attorneys

Trust Your Case to Local Lawyers

The I-75 is a dangerous stretch of highway that crosses over Miami and heads west across the Everglades before swinging north through the rest of Florida. If you were on the I-75 in Miami-Dade County, then you shouldn’t leave your case up to chance or a law firm that isn’t familiar with this infamous expressway. Come to Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers and speak with lawyers who know what you’re going through and how to find the best route to compensation.

Dangerous Areas of the I-75

On an average day, the I-75 expressway is busy with traffic coming from both directions. You can often find a line of cars waiting to use different offramps and onramps, too. The sheer traffic numbers make the I-75 more dangerous than many other freeways in the country. However, some areas of the I-75 are more accident-prone than others.

Four I-75 areas with a higher-than-average car accident risk include:

  • 826 Expressway interchange
  • Ronald Reagan Turnpike interchange
  • Miramar Parkway interchange
  • I-595 interchange

What Makes the I-75 Dangerous?

The argument can be made that the I-75 is dangerous by design, at least in some areas. With so much traffic, the design of offramps and onramps can feel hazardous. The number of lanes can also feel inadequate when traffic is high, which can cause slowdowns and pileup risks.

When the weather is rough, the dangers of the I-75 can feel even worse. As negligent drivers race through the rain or strong winds, they can further escalate the risk of a car accident. Where the I-75 crosses the Everglades, inclement weather can make an even greater impact on the safety of the road.

How to Report Unsafe I-75 Drivers

You can help keep the I-75 safe in two ways: always drive responsibly and report unsafe drivers. You can dial *347 to connect with Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) and notify an officer of the potentially reckless or intoxicated driver. Please keep in mind that you should only send a text message when your car has come to a complete stop away from the highway. We recommend that you use an offramp to stop in a parking lot where you can safely text the FHP about what you saw. With your help, an FHP officer might be able to pull over and remove an unsafe driver from the road before they cause a car accident.

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Need help figuring out what to do next after being in an I-75 accident in Miami? Leave everything up to Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers. You have enough to focus on right now. Let us fight for your recovery, including damages that pay for lost wages, medical treatments, pain, suffering, and more. We’re here to stand up for you!

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