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Miami Turnpike Accident Attorney

Were you in a turnpike accident in or around Miami? The case ahead of you could be highly complex. Prepare for it now by calling (305) 505-1000 and speaking with a professional Miami turnpike accident attorney from Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers. We are locals who know the roads and freeways of Miami down to the smallest details, which is a great benefit when researching or investigating a turnpike-specific crash.

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What is a Turnpike?

A turnpike is a stretch of highway that includes a mandatory toll or includes an express lane that can only be used by people who have purchased an expressway pass. The greater Miami metropolitan area is crisscrossed by highways, freeways, routes, and expressways. Many of these roads are technically turnpikes because they have an integrated paid toll road system at least once.

How Turnpike Accidents Happen

Turnpikes are a unique type of road or highway. As such, the circumstances that surround some accidents on turnpikes are unique as well. Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers is familiar with turnpike designs and engineering, so we can better investigate turnpike accidents to get to the cause.

A turnpike accident can occur for many reasons, such as:

  • A distracted motorist doesn’t notice that traffic has slowed or stopped at a toll booth.
  • A speeding motorist doesn’t give themselves enough time to come to a complete stop when approaching a toll booth.
  • A negligent motorist tries to swerve in and out of the express paid-use-only express lane.

The goal of our investigation is to prove that your liability for the turnpike accident should be kept as low as possible. The lower your liability, the greater amount of compensation you can demand from the other driver for your serious injuries and related losses.

Damages in a Turnpike Accident Claim

If a turnpike accident results in severe injuries, the injured party might have the option to pursue damages that weren’t covered by their own personal injury protection (PIP) auto insurance policy. At Amanda Demanda Injury Lawyers in Miami, we are no strangers to difficult cases that involve catastrophic injuries and stubborn auto insurance defendants. Trust your case to us when so much is hanging in the balance and awaiting the result of your case.

The damages you can claim in your turnpike accident case might include:

  • Past and future medical treatment costs and needs
  • Past and future lost wages and unearned income
  • Pain, suffering, and future hardships from new disabilities
  • Lowered enjoyment of life

The damages related to the repair or replacement of your vehicle are handled in a property damage claim, which is technically separate from a bodily injury claim. However, our firm can help you understand your options with a property damage claim, too.

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You aren’t alone or out of options after you have been in a serious turnpike accident. Get our Miami turnpike crash lawyer on your side right away. With us leading the way, you can feel more confident about what the future may bring.

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